About Joane

About Joane 

Hello, world changer.

I believe that passion-driven entrepreneurs are the greatest people to work with. They are risk-takers, are the most genuine, and are not afraid to challenge even their own beliefs – so that they can grow! I love to learn a lot with them, from them, and for them.

Working behind the scenes most of the time previously as HR then VA, I’ve learned how to be resourceful, recognize and work through the strengths of people and to always be positive and welcome challenges with cheerfulness (and a dash of red lipstick).

I specialize in Ontraport in creating wonderful automations that capture the quirks of the businesses I serve as they transform the lives of people. Making things happen with technology is truly exciting!

My stage may have changed, but the goal has always been the same – to hold the torch so that people can shine their light brighter and farther!

Joane Quitay