From Conversations to Inspired Action: How Going in the Ground Ignited the Creation of an Ontraport Portal

We love serving visionaries. Our business is built upon serving them while they create a better world by transforming lives. But, as any service provider can attest, they can birth more ideas than food they can eat for their breakfast. So how do they know which venture or project to pursue in their endless plethora of ideas?

There are different ways a business owner come up with a project with us. One of the most interesting and powerful approach is getting down in the frontlines with partners, sales people, and most especially customers to get a pulse of what they actually need (and need to be solved fast!).

One such case is our client, Paul. Paul has built strong relationships with his company’s licensees. And in one of their conversations, Paul learns that the company doesn’t have the ability to capture, analyze and leverage info on how sales are generated with referrers and agents that have personal relationships with these licensees. We knew there is an untapped resource that we have yet to uncover. 


Our team designed a system so each job booked for the licensees will be linked to a specific referrer, or in this case, they are referred to as center of influence (COI).

Just by a quick experiment done in one week and with only 3 licensees onboard, Ontraport was able to capture around $24,000+ in sales generated by these COIs alone. With this, we learned that there is a rich source of data that we’re missing out on during the sales process. We’re now in the development stage of a self-serve portal for licensees so they can do more with these COI data and in turn, generate valuable insights from within Ontraport. 

By becoming privy to the data, we can further generate value for the licensees, their partners, and Paul’s business. 

How does this apply to a visionary like you who is trying to decide which CRM project is best to pursue?

We all know visionaries often have a unique approach to prioritizing projects in their business, as they tend to focus on long-term goals and innovative ideas. Here are some of the ones that we’ve witnessed (and used ourselves) that created exciting and worthwhile pursuits:

Alignment with Vision and Values: Visionaries start by assessing how well a project aligns with the overarching vision and core values of their business. If a project doesn’t fit into the broader strategic direction or ethos of the company, it’s less likely to be a priority. CEOs and founders are risk-takers and are always on the lookout for better approaches to meet their goals. However, with all the bells and whistles and newest trends out there when it comes to marketing and running a business, going back to their north star – the company’s vision and values – is one of the key things that help us prioritize Ontraport projects. 

Customer and Market Needs: Understanding customer needs and market trends is crucial. Visionaries prioritize projects that address real pain points for their target audience or take advantage of emerging trends in the industry. At the end of the day, we exist to serve. When business owners refuse to stop and ask their customers what they really need in order to progress, the business is just not going to keep up, no matter how great their tools and platforms are. This is why, multi-million company “ASK Method” is wildly successful, as it is built upon the fundamental notion that knowing what customers really want is what will propel any type of business at any given time.

Admittedly, in the past, as tech geeks we’ve fallen into the trap of innovation for the sake of innovation itself. It was expensive, time-consuming and frustrating for both us and our client then. 

Lesson: Don’t build intricate systems based solely on assumptions – validate, iterate, test and improve based on feedback. We’ve since transitioned from the pitfalls of innovation for innovation’s sake to a customer-centric approach that truly ignites our passion.

Customer Feedback: Visionaries value customer feedback and incorporate it into their prioritization process. Projects that directly address customer feedback and pain points are often given higher priority. As partners, building Ontraport systems designed to directly address customer feedback and desires lights up a fire in us like no other. In our opinion, this is the best kind there is!

There are more ways to help you decide which CRM project is worth prioritizing today. As we’ve seen through our partnership with Paul and our experience in project prioritization, aligning projects with a clear vision and core values, understanding customer needs, and valuing feedback are the cornerstones of success. Remember that Ontraport CRM is designed to empower your vision, offering the tools and insights needed to bring your transformative ideas to life. If you need help determining how to best move forward, we would love to help you! Together, we can create systems that multiplies your impact as a visionary.

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