Unlocking Success: Why Sticking with Your Old CRM is Costing You and How to Minimize the Stress of Migration to an All-in-One Platform


Scaling your 5-6 figure coaching business can sometimes feel like a tightrope walk. One of the most pivotal decisions on this journey is choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Today, we want to have a candid conversation about why sticking with your old CRM might be holding you back and how you can break free from that (internal) resistance to change. If you’re still on the fence about migrating to a more powerful CRM like Ontraport, read on.

The Cost of Inaction

Let’s face it; the idea of switching to a new CRM can seem like a daunting task. There are perceived costs, potential hiccups, and the fear of change that often keep us anchored to our old ways, especially when running a team from different parts of the world, just the thought of having to engage everyone into such a big endeavor may leave you paralyzed for a moment.


Do you know that it’s more costly to keep doing the same thing over and over?

Here’s the thing: maintaining the status quo, especially when your current CRM isn’t keeping up with your needs, can be even more expensive in the long run. Those inefficiencies, clunky processes, and missed automation opportunities are like anchors weighing down your ship, preventing you from sailing toward your full potential.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Are you experiencing a clunky process that frustrates both you and your clients? Is your current CRM a patchy solution that requires complex troubleshooting and management? Are you finding that more of your staff are tied up with administrative or back-end tasks, which is not a cost-effective use of their time? Are you accumulating more subscriptions for various tools to fill the gaps in your existing system? These are symptoms that your current CRM is holding you back.

Solving the Migration Challenge

We’ve sat down with coaches who’ve been through CRM migrations, and they’ve shared their experiences and wisdom: One key factor is documentation. Having clear and comprehensive documentation throughout the migration process can significantly improve the experience.

Mitigating Hidden Costs

Anticipating hidden costs is another crucial step. Migrating to a new CRM can come with unforeseen expenses, but with proper planning and budgeting, you can mitigate these costs. Additionally, taking the time to learn and become efficient in the new system while maintaining your current one requires careful time management. Many coaches recommend allocating specific time slots for training and onboarding.

Getting Buy-In and Onboarding Members

One of the most significant challenges is getting the buy-in of your team and onboarding your members to the new system. To streamline this process, focus on clear communication and training. Make sure your team understands the benefits of the new CRM, and provide comprehensive training to your members to ensure a smooth transition.

In conclusion, clinging to an outdated CRM can hold your coaching business back in the long run. Recognize the symptoms, shift your beliefs, and embrace the opportunity to scale your business with Ontraport. The initial challenges of migration are far outweighed by the benefits of a more powerful and efficient CRM. Don’t let resistance to change cost you success.

Ready to unlock your coaching business’s full potential with Ontraport? Get in touch with us today, and let’s start your journey towards growth and prosperity. Your future success starts with a single decision.

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