Got an idea? A Quick Rundown on How We Roll

How Does a Systems Strategist Leverage Technology to Bring a CEO’s Vision to Life?

Our role is to analyze current assets and understand if there’s a need and desire for the CEO’s idea. We do this by speaking with some of the customers we serve to gain more insights.

We work closely with the CEO, COOs, and CTOs to identify the specific goals and objectives of the idea, determine the target market, and assess any potential challenges that may arise during implementation.

These are some of the questions that we get answers to whenever we are tasked to optimize a business system, may it be automation build, migration of system, or consolidation of various tools into an all-in-one platform.

  1.  Goals and ROI
    What is the goal of the system in the first place? What’s the point B that we envision that the system will bring? How much value will it bring? How quick is it to give a win when the project is finished or done in phases?

  2.  Users
    Who are the actors in the process? Do they make decisions that need to be taken account for? What are their roles and how will the change impact them, basically how can we also improve their experience from their own perspective?

  3.  Current Assets and Technology
    What’s currently in place – tech stack, documentation, processes and what can we leverage, replace or optimize?

  4. Change Management and Readiness
    How much change are you willing to manage, i.e. cost of migration and transition? Are you ready and expectant of possible complexity and delays and some manual work interim?This isn’t often brought out in the conversation until a business was already into deep with the project. It pays to be upfront and to manage expectations as early as possible as any system upgrade will require some duplicating data input during the transition period or even downtime, or both, and some costs that go alongside migration, which comes in different forms (time, money, headspace, change management, training, resistance, etc).

  5.  Data Organization and Metric Requirements
    How will we measure success? Which data would be most meaningful for you? It helps us to know which tracking features to set up, fields we need to populate, reports that we can generate either via automation or a well-documented process for your team to implement. We also consider how data is captured, presented and organized within your database and the process and level of analysis you would need to make data-driven decisions.
onboarding checklist

Once the goals and objectives have been established, and we have a better understanding of the key points above, we develop a plan for bringing the idea to life using technology. This involves evaluating the company’s technology infrastructure, human resources, and financial resources to determine whether the idea is feasible given the current resources available. We exchange notes and workflows based on inputs, outputs, and actors.

Then we collaborate with other members of the company to ensure that the project is progressing smoothly and that any issues are addressed in a timely manner. We also seek out external vendors and resources as needed to supplement our existing tools and expertise. This is an exciting part for me because I get to “play” with the greats from different industries.

Like any development work, we put our system to the test by inviting trusted users and customers for feedback. We create documentation to guide users as well as the technical details so we have a reference should we need to tweak or pivot.

sample bar graph on sales performance

Throughout the process, we remain focused on delivering a desirable outcome that meets the CEO’s expectations and aligns with the company’s overall strategy. In a way we become digital architects for their business. We hit roadblocks here and there, but we keep pushing on by communicating what’s possible and any alternative solutions to achieve a particular goal. This is what makes the work exciting! When we’re able to create and present a solution that helps advance the mission of our clients. 

Now that you have a quick glimpse of our process for designing, optimizing, and migrating systems for your coaching business, we’d love to know – are you ready to maximize your tools and profits? We’d love to help you leverage your CRM with less tech overwhelm! Click the button below to book a time. 

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